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Facilitation Training

Would you be interested in facilitating one of Peer Support Groups and/or Wellness Workshops at PSO?
PSO Wellness Workshops include: WRAP, Family WRAP, and Pathways to Recovery (upcoming TBA).

General Facilitation Level 1


The one-day training is pretty basic. It’s more of an overview of Facilitation in that during the morning we talk about do’s and don’ts of facilitation, tips and tricks of facilitation, facilitation skills, adult learning principles and an effective teaching model (for people who may have a training or teaching component to some of their groups).


In the afternoon we talk about engagement, group dynamics and we do some role-playing around different scenarios that come up during a group.

Advanced Facilitation Level 2


The two-day training goes a little deeper into the things we went over in the one-day training. We also talk more about the process of facilitation and what it means to us as facilitators. We use a Community of Practice model so we can all learn from one another.


With that said, the two-day facilitation training is for people who have facilitated or co-facilitated groups in the past (hence the learning from one another model). We do cover a few additional advanced tips and tricks and we talk about the importance of engaging with people, self-determination and empowerment.

Free. Open to the community.

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