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Peer Support Training

Have you experienced challenges with your mental health or substance use health and you are now on the road to wellness? 


Congratulations! Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being was put to the test, but you managed to come out on top--you survived.

As a survivor, you have much to offer others in their journey to wellness! 

Consider taking the Peer Support Training, that will allow you to explore different ways of supporting someone who presently struggles with mental health and/or substance use health. 

What is Peer Support?

  • Is a form of mutual support that focuses on the strengths, hopes and potential of mental health survivors;

  • Values your perspective and insight as a survivor of mental health challenges;

  • Encourages growth, learning, and respect;

  • Empowers mental health survivors to make their own decisions in their recovery;

  • Celebrates successes and emphasizes survivor’s abilities, rather than their limitations!

After completing this training, you may take part in the Peer to Peer Wellness program as a Peer Supporter, become a PSO volunteer or just gain some knowledge of how to support others going through mental health or/and substance use health challenges. 

  • The Peer Support Training is open to Peer and Family Supporters.

  • Cost: Free

  • No referral required

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Basic Peer Support Level 1 Training (Peer 101)

This is a six-day training. All material is provided. 


Here are some of the topics that we cover:

  • 1. Recovery, Hope and Resiliency

  • 2. History of Peer Support

  • 3. Peer Support Fundamentals

  • 4. Peer Support Competencies and Tasks

  • 5. Current System

  • 6. Process of Change

  • 7. Patienthood and Personhood

  • 8. Sharing Lived Experience

  • 9. Communication and more …

Pre-registration required. Some trainings have a waitlist.

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Advanced Peer Support Level 2 Training (Peer 201)

  • This is a three-day training. All material is provided.

  • For people who have gone through the Basic Peer Support 101.

  • The Peer 201 Training is scheduled three or four times per year. 


The agenda for the three days of training includes:


  • Training on effective communication from the peer perspective

  • How to meet people at different stages of change from the peer point of view

  • Trauma Informed care and suicide prevention for peer support

We also cover a little history of the MHCC and Peer Support Canada information for people interested in pursuing Certification at the national level!

Pre-registration required. Some trainings have a waitlist.

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