Community Transitions

About the Program

This is a transitional program, linking peers being discharged from local-area hospitals with other peers, PSO and the wider community.


The Community Transitions Group is a support and social reconnection group that runs on Tuesdays. Every few months we brainstorm challenges and ideas around transitioning from hospital to community, so that we can address these things in the coming weeks.


On the last night of the month we switch from the support to social reconnection and do something fun. In the past we’ve done a tour of the YMCA, pizza and a movie, games night, dinner and darts at the Atomic Rooster, a potluck, etc.


Another component to CT is that if people would like a follow-up phone call during the week between groups, they can provide their contact info to one or both of the facilitators.  



What some members have said about Community Transitions: 


  • "A place I can be myself and not have to worry about what I say about my mental illness"

  • "A place where I don’t feel alone in my illness"

  • "An amazing, supportive place, it’s critical to my well-being"

  • "A place free from judgment and stigma"


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