PSO Board of Directors (2019-2020)

Peter M. - President

Kimberly H. - Vice President

Peter T. - Secretary

Kevin P. - Treasurer

Shawn T.

Hayley P.

Dejan S.

Jamie S.

Werner Z

President's Report (as presented at the AGM July 17, 2017)

I’d like to take a moment to consider the vast array of programs we offer on an ongoing basis. A few of these are YAPS, targeting youth: Family Peer Support, helping family members and loved ones of our peers; Community Transitions, Helping people from the hospitals adjust to the outside community.  A few others are Living with Voices, Alternate Realities, Concurrent Disorders, The Drumming Group, and The Creative Expressions Art Group. These groups are but a small sampling of the vast work PSO does, and the wide population we reach.


Every one of you can be proud to be a member of PSO, because your being a member makes all of this work possible. 


This year, we’ve done many new things and I’ll give you a sampling of them. First of all, we celebrated our 25th anniversary last September, at Night of the Starts Prom night dance. You`ve no doubt noticed the new paint and flooring in the drop in centre and new couches.  We have new peer supporters, Guy S., Jojo C., Sara B., and Tiffany W.

  1. An archives committee was started in 2016

  2. PSO completed the Ontario Perception of Care survey for the ROH, and the number of surveys completed far surpassed the Royals expectations.

  3. Computer training has been offered throughout the year

  4. The Creative Well Theatre program spanned October until June, culminating in showing the play `Labels` to five audiences.

  5. The Open Spiritual Circle resumed for a second time.

  6. Filmmaker Laura Sky was commissioned by the Ontario Peer Development Initiative to commemorate their 25th anniversary as well as the funding of consumer-survivor initiatives across Ontario. The film focusses on 3 groups, including PSO. There are interviews with staff, volunteers, and members.

  7. PSO`s Recovery Connections which provides peer support in local Ottawa hospitals has been deemed a `Leading Practice` with Accreditation Canada.

  8. PSO started a `Gaining Autonomy with Medication (GAM) program in January.

  9. In April, PSO held the first Computer Hardware workshop, in a series to follow.

  10. More Mindfulness sessions were offered.

  11. A new yoga class began in may

  12. This year, our new volunteer of the year is John P., who among many other things, helps a lot of people with computers.

  13. All staff have taken a wide variety of training, including cultural safety training, First Aid, Violence and Harassment training, and Self Determination.

  14. PSO trained two WRAP Advanced Level Facilitators and one Non-Violent Crisis Intervention trainer.

  15. We added a donation button to our website

  16. We have significantly shored up the structure of the Recovery Connections program, which delivers services to the hospitals


This year we have accomplished all that and more, in addition to our regular programs.  Next year we look ahead to a year of even greater dynamic change and transformation.

Thanks for you being a member and for your help in making this possible.

Peter Menear - President

Would you consider joining our Board of Directors?

  • Term of office is two (2) years. A Director may serve on the Board for a shorter period if they were selected to complete another’s term.

  • Monthly meetings (occasionally two) plus committee meetings/work as necessary.

  • Being a Director is a volunteer position without monetary compensation.

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