PSO's Telephone Peer Support

12-6pm, 7 days/week

PSO’s Peer Support Line allows PSO members and peers in hospital to access telephone peer support. If you wish to receive peer support, you may call 613-567-4379 between 12-6pm and follow the automated directions. A PSO staff member will act as an intake person to collect your name, phone number, and set up a call-back from a peer support worker.

Please keep in mind that the peer support worker will call from an unknown or blocked number. If you’re not able to answer, we will call the next person on the list and try back again afterwards. If we still cannot reach you, you will need to call back and request to be put back on the list. Click here to view/print a poster ...


Virtual Lounge

This private Facebook group is for PSO members and those with lived experience who would like to stay connected. Feel free to share wellness tools, resources, activity ideas, and other supportive posts.


This group is intended to be a social meeting space, similar to the drop-in, and is NOT intended to be used as a peer support group. Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee confidentiality, so we ask that people only share what they feel comfortable doing so. Join the group ...

Family Peer Support

We support family and friends of people experiencing mental health and/or addiction challenges. No referral is required; our services are free. Person supported must be 16+


Online Family Peer Support Group


We meet every Monday (except for stat. holidays) 6:30-8:00pm on Zoom.


You need an invitation to join the group. To join or for more info, please contact Sean D. at or 613-567-4379 ext. 221

Every second week we offer conversation topics such as Being Powerless over Others, Giving in a Healthy Way, Rescuing Ourselves, Caretaking vs. Responsibility for Ourselves etc. Join us for sense of community, companionship and support. Click here for topics calendar ...

Telephone or Email Family Peer Support

Please email or leave a phone msg. if you wish to speak with Family Peer Support Worker. We will get back to you shortly. We work Mon-Fri and our hours are flexible.


Here is the contact info: Beata Z. at, 613-567-4379 ext. 123 or Sean D. at, 613-567-4379 ext. 221

PSO’s Peer Support Training Debriefing 

Have you taken PSO’s Peer Support Training? Are you perhaps interested in becoming a Family Support Volunteer? We would like to have a casual discussion to find out what you thought about the Peer Support Training, how it has or has not changed your approach to supporting your loved one, and, if so; what results have you experienced. 


Becoming a Family Support Volunteer is not mandatory to be a part of this debriefing, as we would like to hear your voice about what family's specific needs are. Please contact Sean D. at, 613-567-4379 ext. 221 if you are interested. 

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