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About PSO Code of Conduct

PSO Code of Conduct was adopted at a PSO General Members’ Meeting, July 17, 2017


PSO Conduct Rules:


  • Members are to treat each other in a respectful manner.

  • Verbal abuse, physical abuse or sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the drop-in or at any PSO event.

  • Information about PSO members, including who attends PSO and any information they have shared, is to be kept confidential and should not be spoken of outside of PSO. This includes, but is not limited to, naming individuals, sharing their circumstances or their images online.

  • Members will refrain from asking other members for money or cigarettes.

  • Members will help keep the drop-in clean and neat.

  • Alcohol and non-prescription drugs are not permitted in the PSO drop-in and anyone under their influence will be asked to leave the PSO drop-in or any PSO event. There will be no smoking in the drop-in.

  • No sleeping in the PSO drop-in.

  • Posted Internet rules will be followed.

  • No person or group is to be put down on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, language, race, disability or religion.


  • Bring it to that members’ attention privately, OR

  • Discreetly mention it to a staff person or trained volunteer who will then discuss it privately with the member.


  • The person will be advised that he/she is breaking the Code of Conduct.

  • Depending the seriousness of the situation, a warning may be given or the member may be asked to leave for the day.

  • If the behaviour continues you may be asked to not attend the drop-in for a period of time.

  • A member may be required to meet with a staff member and make a contract as a condition of return.

Grievance Procedure

  • If a member has a grievance with a decision rendered by staff that member may apply in writing to the Personnel Committee.

  • A member of the Personnel Committee will then contact that member and the staff member(s) involved to discuss the issue.

  • If it is deemed necessary, an ad hoc meeting of the Personnel Committee may then be called to investigate further.

  • The Personnel Committee will be the final arbiter.


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