PSO's Telephone Peer Support Line

PSO is excited to launch a telephone peer support service starting Friday, March 20th at noon!  PSO’s Peer Support Line allows PSO members and people in hospital to access telephone peer support seven days a week from 12pm-6pm.


If you wish to receive peer support, you may call 613-567-4379 between 12-6 and follow the automated directions. A PSO staff member will act as an intake person to collect your name, phone number, and set up a call-back from a peer support worker. 


Please keep in mind that the peer support worker is likely to call from an unknown or blocked number. If you’re not able to answer, we will call the next person on the list and try back again afterwards. If we still cannot reach you, you will need to call back and request to be put back on the list.


We’re a small team and wish to support as many people as we can, so we will be limiting call length and frequency to 30 minutes, once per day. Priority will be given to those who are calling for the first time. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to accommodate matching callers with specific peer support workers, nor can we offer follow-up calls.


Peer support is available but we are not a crisis line. Individuals in crisis would be better off calling the crisis line or distress centre and will be directed to these resources by PSO staff.


PSO’s telephone peer support is confidential, however, some information will be collected for call-back and will be shared only with staff. All contact information will be kept until regular work resumes, at which point identifying information will be deleted.


If you are currently in contact with a Peer Support Worker, you are welcome to continue reaching out by email or phone. Family supporters are encouraged to connect with a member of the Family Peer Support team directly; Sean at 613-567-4379 ext.221 or; Beata 613-567-4379 ext.123 or


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we pilot this brand new service! We’re committed to providing as much support as we can during this challenging time.


Feedback, comments, or complaints may be sent to or a voicemail left on the main reception line during off-hours.

PSO Closed until further notice.

As you’re well aware, PSO is closed until further notice. This includes all programming in the hospitals, at the Bronson Centre, and in the community.


As a peer support agency, we realize peers, ourselves included, will be without the support and services normally provided by PSO, our staff, and our volunteers. Although we can’t offer any onsite support, we are exploring different ways to provided peer support and a sense of community throughout these uncertain times. 


Our priority is to have telephone peer support available by the end of the week. Bear with us as we finalize the logistics. More details will be released in the comings days including the hours and contact info for this service. 


In addition to telephone peer support, a private Facebook group has been created for members to use as a “virtual lounge”. This group is intended to be a social meeting space, similar to the drop-in, and is NOT intended to be used as a peer support group. To find it, please search for “Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa” on Facebook, select the group, and request to join. Take a minute to read the posted guidelines.

We’re hopeful that with everyone doing their part COVID-19 will be contained quickly and we will be able to return to support as usual. In the event of a longer-lasting closure, we are discussing innovative alternatives to groups and training. 


Any notifications will be sent via email, posted to our website and social media, and updated on the answering machine message. Please refer to these platforms for updates. As a reminder, you may still contact staff via their email or phone and extension. Most staff are working out of the office with different hours to accommodate support needs; We will return your message as soon as possible. 

Families can continue to email and leave messages for the Family Peer Support team and they will be returned.

We know this is a stressful and upsetting time for everyone and if you are struggling please contact the Distress Centre at 613-238-3311 or the Mental Health Crisis Line at 1-866-996-0991 or

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