Peer 2 Peer Wellness

About Peer 2 Peer Wellness

Peer 2 Peer Wellness is a peer support program matching volunteers (Peer Supporters) with individuals (Peers) transitioning out of inpatient care at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.


Our Peers and Peer Supporters develop mutually supportive relationships based on the values of hope and self-determination, and the belief that mental health recovery is possible for everyone. 


What is a Peer Supporter and how do I become one?

A peer supporter is a person who has experienced his or her own mental health challenges and is feeling well enough to support someone else.  Our Peer Supporters go through a 30-hr training course and a Police Records Check.



How the Program works

You and your peer supporter will then meet weekly somewhere you both find comfortable.  You might choose to meet for lunch, go for a walk, see a movie or talk on the phone.  Together, you will decide when and where to meet and what kind of activities to do. 


If you wish, your peer supporter can also support you in building your own personal Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), which is a system you develop to stay well. WRAP courses are available at PSO and the Royal.




Would it help you to have a Peer Supporter?

  • Someone who has gone through the mental health system and is willing to listen to you without judgment or advice

  • A confidant who can offer you encouragement as you step back into the community

  • A friend who will reassure you that you’re not alone

  • Having someone to turn to, talk to or just laugh with

  • Reconnecting with others and doing activities you enjoy

  • A supportive relationship with someone who walks the path of recovery

  • Having someone to work on your WRAP with. This may help you cope better if things start to go wrong

  • People who receive peer support say they feel more hopeful


How do I join the Peer 2 Peer Wellness program? Contact Us

Wish to become a Peer Supporter? Or are you an in-patient of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre?


You or your hospital staff can contact us and we will answer any questions you may have about the program.

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